Monday, October 31, 2016

Usborne Book Lady

I've gone and done it.  I agreed to become a distributor for Usborne books.  There's a decent back story to my love of these books.... ok, not really all that interesting, but here goes:

I lived in London for two years with my husband and our two young children.  I frequently visited the  bookstore, Waterstones, on St. John's Rd nearly weekly.  I fell in love with Usborne books - the sticker books, early readers, the travel sized activity books.  Seriously, right up my alley.

I've been back in the States for a little over a year now and I was always looking for something similar here without luck.  Then, I was contacted by my friend Lacie Glenn who also lived in the UK for a while about hosting an online Usborne book party on FaceBook.  Hosting a what?  I said...

That's when I learned the secret.  Usborne books are available here in the US if you know a distributor!  Woot woot.

I also learned they have amazing books for the older crowd which is great as my two are getting into science and grammar etc etc.

So - I bit the bullet and I've signed up.  I don't know yet if I'll be hosting all sorts of online things or just doing a table here and there at book fairs/science fairs -- but if you want a great book for your little one, or baby shower gift, or something that isn't a toy for your niece/nephew - give me a call.

x. Your new book lady

Breathing is Overrated

I'm going to keep repeating this mantra until my cold/allergies/sinus infection goes on it's merry way out of my head.  For the love of goodness - how many cups of hot tea can one drink in a day?  How much Vick's is needed to get a decent night's sleep?  Oy vey!  Granted, in the grand scope of world problems -- I am on the minor nuisance since of issues.  But yet, I grow weary of not breathing.  It's bloody annoying.

Also slightly annoying... the fact that it was 75 degrees yesterday in NYC and today the high is 53.  Normally - not a problem.  But guess what?  (Chicken butt) Today is Halloween and my daughter wants to be a ballerina riding a unicorn.  She's going to look like Elsa in Frozen with icicles hanging off her if I can't convince her to cover up in her ballet tutu!  

Speaking of dressing up - it's 1pm and I probably should go look for my costume before the little people arrive home.

Road Update

It's fixed.  Halle-lujah.

No more hole.  No more metal plates.

Just the sound of regular traffic... I'll take it.

Thank you very much!

Thursday, October 27, 2016


Not the personal type of waterworks however I'm about to cry if the road isn't fixed soon!

Westchester Joint Water Works.

While Joe, who I've spoken with several times seems like a nice guy - I'm soooooooo over the bloody roadworks that have been going on literally at the end of our driveway.  I'd show you a series of awful photos, but after one of our Mac updates, I can't access my photos.  (That's another source of frustration and potential waterworks!)  Trust me when I say, they've had diggers and massive machinery tearing up the road on at least 3 occasions.  And now, for the past 2 F'ing weeks we've had metal plates covering the "hole" that was dug up.  The problem with these plates is that with EVERY single car that drives over the plates, I hear a whack/whack sound.  Thump, thump.  Whatever or however you wish to describe the awful sound - I'm so ready for it to STOP.

I spoke with Joe today and if it stops raining, they'll be out tomorrow to patch the road.  I'm holding him to that schedule.

Full Speed Ahead Captain!

We're off and running.  All the clubs and after school things mentioned earlier are going, going, and going!  Swimming isn't our favorite activity yet -- but at least I'm feeling more confident that should our kids find themselves suddenly in the water, they can swim to the edge and get out without panic.

Tailwind Track Club has been amazing.  I've said for the past 7 years that Atticus's favorite thing in the world was running.  While I for the life of me don't understand that passion - I'm going to support him and let him run like Forrest Gump until he can't run anymore!  This however is difficult too because it requires dragging a sassy six year old to track practise at 7pm -- in the rain, in the snow, in the whatever may come...

Tae kwon do is also going really well.  I love that both kids are enjoying it and that we've been able to recruit a few school friends to join too!  It's a great group of instructors and they do wonders with the kids.

As for Greg and I (or would it be me?) - we're hanging in there.  I'm volunteering at the school library, I'm on the science committee which is planning for our STEM nights, I'm involved in a few other PTA events.... Greg is working like crazy.   I'm hoping life slows down for him a bit!

My mom underwent knee replacement surgery earlier this week and I feel terrible that I'm so far away.   After her fall earlier this summer, the break in her tibial plateau just wasn't healing and a recent MRI revealed that there was too much damage to the ligaments and tendons.  Booooo.  So, while I wouldn't wish knee surgery on my enemy - I'm truly hopeful that this is the end of a long road and recovery for her!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Don't Tell Me It's Mid September!

So, there's actually been quite a bit going on lately I've just been too swamped to keep track of it all for you!  How about I start with current events and work my way backwards a bit?

Kid are in school.  Halle-freaking-lujah for getting back into routines!  Since school only takes us through 6.5 hours of the day, I thought it would be great fun to make myself nuts and sign the kids up for a bunch of activities!  The current breakdown looks like this: swim lessons 1x a week (only 7 more to go).  Taekwondo 2x a week for both kids - naturally since they're different levels, they go at different times.  Track 2x a week for Thing 1 -- at a high school that's about 15-20 minutes drive from here.  Ballet for Thing 2 only 1x a week for now, but I'm sure she'd go more often if time allowed!  And then Hebrew School for both of them on the weekends too just because we have so much free time.  I'm not exactly sure how we're going to squeeze in track meets around the current schedule, but we'll see!!

All these activities of course are just for the kids... I've also taken on quite a few responsibilities in the PTA at school.  I'm volunteering weekly at the library.  I'm organizing the Class Photo Day for the school, I'm co-chairing the STEM Committee to bring tinkering nights and other science and technology things to school and I'm one of the class moms for W's classroom.  Phew.

School... kids are settling in.  A few minor bumps the first week, but we're adjusting.  I'm happy to report that similar to the meme floating around FB I'm super proud of my daughter for being the one to sit with the new kid at school and make friends.  She was so nervous for the first day to not have her bestie with her, but she made two new friends from the first day!  Bonus, one of them lives a few doors down the road.

We finished off summer 2016 with a trip to Texas to see my folks.  The kids wanted to visit the water park in the neighborhood every day and I'm happy to report we did visit 10 out of the 11 days we were there.  Not too bad!  Hopefully, it makes the upcoming swim lessons a bit easier knowing they're slightly more comfortable in the water!

Here are the kids getting their wings for the flight down to Texas!

Two pictures of the amazing community pool and splash park!

Of course there were some fun games at Bubbe and Pops' house!  Here's our first attempt at Pie Face!

There was even a lost tooth!  A baby tooth, don't worry!  It took much convincing on my part, but Wren finally pulled it out herself!  

Monday, August 8, 2016


Over the years, I've had really good luck making friends.  That's pretty impressive considering the amount of times I've moved recently... but sometimes, you land in a spot where it's just hard.

New York does not seem to be my state.

Sometimes, everything just clicks.  Perhaps because everything was just seamless in London, living here seems so much more difficult.  I miss having friends close by that I could just call on for no reason.  We could knock on their door just because we were walking by -- no other reason.  Our house was the same... there was as good a chance as not that some of us would meet up for a cup of tea, an impromptu play in the park, or just and old fashioned play date on the weekend.   San Francisco was like that.  Dallas/Austin was like that and London definitely so.

I don't have that here and I miss it.  I don't think I realized how much I missed it until I read this in an article yesterday.

I want to go to the grocery store with you. I want to see where your kids go to school and see them run and hug you when you pick them up in the afternoon. I want to sit with you in your kitchen, and cook with you at your stove. I want to sit in your living room and chat and have tea, and I want to walk out your front door and see what scene greets you every day. I want to see where you work, and what sits atop your office desk. I even want to know what your spring coat looks like, for goodness’ sake. Because I want to soak in your everyday, so I can tuck it away for the next time we talk. I need pictures in my head, and to know the sum of your days, because I miss you, old friend.

So today, I'm missing old friends.  Here's to seeing you soon...