Our Little Princess

Our Little Prince

Monday, January 11, 2016

Walk Throughs..

This has been bothering me.  Because we were moving here from London, we were unable to do a proper walk through of the house before we were given keys and our stuff arrived.

There are several small things that are driving me nuts that I feel should have been fixed before we arrived.  The blinds covering 90% of the windows are in need of replacements.  Some of them were stuck together from a couple years of grime.  Not even half of the existing blinds have the little wand thing that allows you to open and close them.  And some of the windows were just missing blinds all together (namely two of the bathrooms!!).  We've gone to Home Depot and added blinds to the master bath (practically on day one).  I've just purchased some curtains for the office/spare room bathroom -- but I'm just annoyed.

The other major thing is that all of the pull chains on the ceiling fans are broken.  Missing.  For the master bedroom - it's not an issue, Greg always wants the fan on.  But for the living room - we can not turn on the light without turning on the ceiling fan.  The same is in Atticus's room.  It's all or nothing.  I find it obnoxious that we have to fix someone else's negligence.

Then - and this is small... none of the plugs in the sinks are attached.  I mean, it's not often that I wish to plug the sink - but if I wanted to do so, it would require me to do magic under the counter to then release the plug thing. 

In our lease it states that we are responsible for up to $250 I think of minor repairs.  Fine.  A bit strange, but whatever.  A bird flew into Wren's window shattering it.  I notified the landlord and was planning on calling a window company out to have it repaired or replaced.  The realtor who showed us the house wanted to see the damage so he stopped over.  He suggested that he get a piece of glass that is the same size and caulk it in to cover the damage.  Then, when it's warmer - we get the window replaced.  I suppose that's a decent suggestion?  But honestly, if it were my house, I'd rather just have it fixed??  So, he trudged off to the hardware store and then proceeding to caulk in a new piece of glass then hand me the receipt.  (Mind you he kept the gun, the caulk, the nails...)  Now I have to pay twice to get the window fixed.  It's just odd. 

But I'm really more worked up over the fans and the crappy blinds at the moment. 

Just rolling around in my thoughts driving me nuts....

Friday, January 8, 2016

Wren's Ears

Sigh... poor thing.  We are no strangers when it comes to ear issues with little lady.  For years, I've had her hearing tested, convinced that there was indeed hearing loss and possible other issues.

I'm sure I wrote while in London about the burst ear drum and the hole that wouldn't heal?  Yes?  No?

Well, she's been screaming like a banshee again lately when we wash her hair (even with the earplugs) so we decided to take a trip to the ENT.  I started with just a general ENT since he was in the main medical building we visit and he could see us before the end of the year. 

He confirmed that she still has a slight hole in her right ear and a much larger one in her left.  He gave us the referral for yet another hearing test.  That was yesterday.  The hearing test now shows that she does have mild hearing loss in her right ear and moderate loss in the left.  This is quite serious at her age.  So... now we've called and gotten an appointment scheduled with a pediatric ENT in a couple weeks who will give us the next course of action.  Most likely, she'll need some sort of surgery to repair/cover/plug her ear drums.  I don't yet know what that means or entails.  I'm trying not to be an Internet doctor, but I'm sure I'll so some google research before the appointment. 

I just want her to feel better.  To hear all that she can.  And to be able to take a bath without screaming in pain. 

Oh - and if the ears aren't enough, she's also got a plantar's wart on the bottom of her foot from an infection that most likely resulted from when she stepped on glass a month ago.  We've started the patch things on that - but we'll have to go to the dermatologist if it doesn't clear up on it's own.

Good times.  Keep little Birdie in your thoughts...

Birth Control Math

Just going to toss this out... birth control pills come in packs of 28.  One pack is supposed to last one month per insurance.  There is only one month in the year (not including leap years) when there are a mere 28 days in a month.  The rest of the months have more than the allotted 28 days.

28x12= 336
365-336=29 (see - we already need at least one more of the 28 day packs assuming you're "normal")

I however am not normal.  I only take 24 pills out of the 28 day package. 

There are 366 days in 2016.  I take 24 pills per package.  366/24=15.25  I will need 15.25 packages of pills for 2016. 

I tried to use the Cigna mail order pharmacy that would allow me to order a 3 month supply of pills.  A 3 month supply of pills for me is the equivalent of 4 packages.  4x24=96 days. 

Jan 31 days, Feb 29 days, March 31 days.  There are 91 days in the first 3 months of the year.  96 days worth of pills would cover the 91 days of needed coverage. 

3 packages of pills 3x24=72 pills.  72 pills will not cover 91 days of medication needed. 

I need 4 packages of pills for a 3 month supply. 

Why is this so complicated?  I've now spoken with 4 different people trying to get this straightened out.  The result is that thus far Cigna is sending me 3 packages (72 days) for my allotted $75 mail order cost and I'll still have to buy a one-off package from the local pharmacy to get me to my 4 packages needed.  Essentially - the mail order pharmacy isn't saving me any money because each package costs $25. 

Ugh.  Hopefully by the time I need the next mail order to be filled, I will get the necessary 4 packages for the cost of $75 (which is sort or like buy 3 get one 1 free).  I thought the entire purpose of mail order pharmacy was to cut the costs? 

I give up. 

On the upside, birth control in the UK was free so I had 2 years worth of pills there for free.  So there's always that to look back on...

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I hate you.  And thank you.

Pretty sure that's what my body is saying after the first day back at the gym after an inadvertent 5 month holiday...

Well, I knew July, August would be out of the question with all the travel and moves -- but I'd hoped it wouldn't take me this long to get back into the swing of things.

Never mind.  I went.  And now that the first trip back is out of the way, I'll be returning again very soon.  Probably tomorrow.  :)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Whine or Wine?

I'm the one who told the maintenance dude that today was a good day.  That was before my schedule became jam-packed full of everything under the sun.  Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit, but what can I say?  Now it's 9:32 and I'm starting to panic. 

I need to get to the grocery store for the items needed for Wren's school thingy tomorrow.  Very important - I need to go to the wine store for a case of wine.  It's 25% off on Mondays, so I really need to get that done today.  :)  A friend and I are in charge of making turkey gifts for the kids school -- thanks Pinterest for the idea -- with clear gloves that will hopefully be turned into turkeys.  (The kids and I tried to make Oreo turkeys last night and that didn't go exactly as planned!!!)

Then, it's going to be off to Costco (goodness help me) to get some last minute things for Thanksgiving. 

I'd like to get to Target to do a return and to Uniqlo -- but who knows if that'll happen.  I actually don't even know how much longer I have to do the Uniqlo return.  Better check that out!  Except I have no idea where the shipping label is anymore -- oy vey!

Then there's laundry, dishes, trying to organize a trip into the city for Wednesday, packing -- EEEEK.

Ok - the gutters are now clean and the windows are being touched up.  Time to get the ball rolling and make sure I'm ready to go as soon as the windows are done and done!!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Poor Tamales

This is a bit odd, but I woke up this morning thinking about those poor confiscated and destroyed tamales at LAX.  I mean really?  What did those poor innocent tamales do that was so wrong?

And how sad is it that TSA can catch a suitcase full of 'illegal' tamales but not when people carry knives and loaded weapons through security?


I should go out for tamales somewhere in their honor.  Yummy tamales. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Today's Rambles...

I've got literally 6 minutes till I need to leave.  I just realized that I'm 2 ingredients short for tonight's baked potato soup.  Oy.  Story of my life...

I got a quick peek at the blog today.  It needs some work.  It's looking a bit tired as the Brits would say.  Remember when I started learning HTML  -- perhaps its time to revisit some of the learning sites.  Sheesh.  Get with it girlfriend...It's not like you've got anything else to do, right?

I'm still in the midst of putting together all the broken LEGO sets.  The good news however is that my sorting system seems to be working.  At least for the little lady.  I haven't yet moved onto Atticus.  He has a lot of LEGO.  It's a bit daunting to try and tackle.  But... it must be done!!! 

Budgets.  Those are new.  I'm trying it out.  Being an adult sucks.  I'm not exactly sure how it is that I've gotten to acquire this status.  I'm really not ready.  A giant shout out to my friend Amy who's given me an outline to really get going.  I'm sure that once it's just part of my day it'll get easier... but taking on household budgets are even more daunting than LEGO pieces!  But, it's time to adult people.  Gotta suck it up.

Also in the gotta suck it up category -- organizing.  I love organizing tools.  Buckets, binders, pretty baskets.  I'm really good at using them.  I'm not as good at getting started using them.  But I'm working on it. 

I've gotten better at email.  Yay.  I've finally sent some overdue letters to friends.  Next up is to do the catching up on all the pretty stationary I own.  Which - I'd like to say, I do know where it is.  It's all in one drawer in my desk.  Neatly organized.  At least that drawer... (top of the desk, don't ask.....)

Ok - kids are getting out of Clayworks.  I'm off like the Flash.  Or like SuperGirl.  We're digging that new show.  Go girl...