Our Little Prince

Our Little Princess

Thursday, June 18, 2015

I'm an Excellent List Maker

My life at the moment is being run by calendars and to-do lists.  I'm trying to consolidate the lists - since I seem to have them in every room and at least one post-it note in every nook and cranny.  I think my to-do lists have to-do lists.  Perhaps I should be using MS Project for my life?

Oddly enough, the one fun thing I have to do, I haven't gotten to do yet!  We need to loosely plot out our European vacation!  Greg and I are pretty well versed at making up travel plans as we see fit.  But, now we have these two little people we have to consider.  So - we're going to try and get a few definitive trains and cities booked and then wander a bit in between the stops.  A few things to consider and ponder -- should we take a few days and visit Giza, Egypt while we're 'relatively' close?  I would LOVE to see the pyramids.  It's always been on the bucket list.  However, Egypt is experiencing let's just say a bit of political unrest.  It's not really the wisest time for some blonde haired and blue eyed Westerners to come traipsing about.  Or is it?  There are so little tourists at the moment - maybe the sight of us spending money and helping their economy would be welcomed?  Hotels right next to the pyramids are dirt cheap at the moment.  Cheaper than a Motel 6 in any of the flyover states!  Decisions, decisions.

And then, there's also Greece to consider.  Oh how I really want to see Greece.  Athens, Santorini, etc etc.  Greece is bankrupt.  The entire country.  There is a lot of unhappy Greek folks right now and it's also possible that a summer holiday there would coincide with protests and/or other areas of unrest.  But, I really want to go!  Oy.  We'll most likely only have between 3 and 4 weeks to travel.  Sounds like an amazing amount of time until you start listing out all the cities to visit and including travel time on the train between them all.  Barcelona, Nice, Toulouse, Venice, Milan, Murano, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Athens, Amsterdam, Brussels (the kids really really want to go for waffles & chocolate)...

But it will be an amazing adventure.  It's a once in a lifetime thing for me, no doubt.  I hope that our kids are able to do something similar again when they're old enough to remember it!  :)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Can I Stay or Should I Go?

Lots going on at the Baden house.  We've found a house back across the pond.  Mazal Tov!  It's a good house and the landlord seems to be on the up and up from our first conversation.  We're walking distance to the train station.  We're walking distance to an elementary school.  We're walking distance to a few shops and restaurants - not like here in Clapham, but we'll manage.  The good news for those of you reading is that we'll have a proper guest room/office and a place for you to stay when you come visit.  So - pack your bags, we'll be ready to host by the time school starts back up in the fall of 2015.

On the other hand, I'm not ready to leave London just yet.  I've really loved living here.  As odd as it may sound, it really feels like home.  Everything from the house to the neighbors to the school to the big commons to the high street and the proximity of the tube and buses -- it's just been an absolute delight living here.  I'm thrilled that we decided to take the leap of faith and come over for two years.  I know the work situation has been less than ideal to put it mildly -- but everything else has just been fantastic.

I have tons more to say and tell you about -- but for the moment, I've got just over an hour till school pick up and a list a mile long of things to do.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Testing Out New Fonts

Ok... so my first lesson in HTML is going well.  I've managed to download the "Rock Salt" font to use for Post Titles.

And it's working.

Holy moly!

Feeling pretty pleased with myself.  Now I'll go do some laundry and start cleaning the play area.  :)

Thursday, April 30, 2015


The truth is seriously stranger than fiction.  I couldn't make this up if I tried.  And I realize I've said that before.  Maybe I live in some sort of altered universe where every now and then someone upstairs just has a little giggle to throw me off my game!

6 pm - Babysitter Arrives.  I do a little mental jig because I'm excited to go to see PTX!

6:15 pm - Say goodbye to kids.  Check CityMapper and realize I must have just missed the bus because there aren't any due for 25 minutes.  Odd I think, but okay -- I'll walk up to Clapham Junction and catch the bus I need from there.  It's only a mile...

6:45 pm ish - Arrive at bus stop and see 14 minutes until my bus.  Check phone for alternate routes since I'm standing in front of the train station.  Debate the train, since I'd still have to get in, find the platform, wait for the train and then still catch a bus on the other end.  Decide to wait for current bus.

7:02 pm - Still no sign of the 295.  Call and order a mini cab and am told 10-15 min wait.

7:10 pm - Download Uber app and figure out how to link my credit card.  Attempt to order a car through Uber and discover that it's "surge" pricing which is 2X the normal rate.  I decline to order the Uber car.

7:15 pm - Watch the 295 arrive and leave without me since I can't get on because I've ordered a taxi.

7:17 pm - Get push notification from Uber that the rates are back to "normal" but I still hold off on booking.

7:19 pm -  Call and check on taxi.  I'm told they're having trouble finding a driver, but that I'm marked as first priority. (Run to try and catch next 295 bus and miss...)

7:28 pm - Call and cancel taxi and get on a 295.  By now there's been an alert running at the bottom of the screen at the bus stop saying there's some sort of power outage affecting trains, tubes and buses.  GREAT....

7:28 pm - Almost crack my head open trying to go up the stairs of the bus because the driver is a maniac.

7:35 pm - Seriously convinced the driver has lost his marbles, but on the upside we're making good time.

7:50 pm - Bus driver stops the bus and orders everyone off.  Then refuses to give us a transfer ticket.

7:51 pm - Have argument with driver of the next 295 because we don't have transfer tickets.  Ultimately get on the bus.

8:10 pm - Arrive at the Eventim Apollo and have to squash in between a gigantic man and a 6 year old sitting on a banister in order to crane my neck to see an incredible show.  I don't mind.  The show is awesome.  They sound great live.  Especially love love loved when they turned off the microphones and just sang all together.  Makes my heart sing.  I love the genius that is true acapella music.

9:40 pm - Walk outside of arena with a text saying my taxi has arrived.  Can't find taxi anywhere.

9:56 pm - About to give up and ask security to take me into see the band so that I can bond over talks of chips and queso and tacos and ask them for a ride home when I find the taxi driver.  I should have gone with the "I'm with the band" route... Maybe they had queso in the green room.  Sigh.

10:25 - Arrive home...

I do have a couple of crappy pictures and a quick video clip yet to post...  :)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

First Race

Tomorrow is Atticus's first proper school race.  He'll be running in the 400m event for Parkgate against another local school, Finton House.  There were 5 boys from Atticus's grade that were chosen to run with the "big kids" in their first official school race.

Let's just say he's a tad excited.  But -- he's totally keeping calm, cool and collected.  I think I may be a bit more nervous than him!  Of course, I'm going to watch (assuming of course I can find the fields) and I'll be sure to be the obnoxious parent taking a million photos and video.  I mean, come one -- it's his FIRST race.  I have a feeling this is going to be the first of many to come... but still, this will be the first for my little Usain.

Run Atticus Run!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

12 Years Later

It's been 12 years and 4 days since Greg and I met.  Hard to believe how much has changed in 12 years and 4 days.

Because we met on the 15th of February, we tend to celebrate Valentines Day on the 15th.  It usually works to our advantage.  This year, we went out to the OXO Tower for dinner and drinks.  Our pre-dinner drinks were awesome.  Greg had some smokey bourbon and rye drink.  And when I say smokey -- I really mean smokey.  It was crazy how much the drink smelled like you were sticking your nose inside a meat smoker.  I had this funky apple cinnamon brandy & bitters drink that was really good.  The starter drinks were way better than the actual starters.  I had queen scallops that were most definitely not queen sized.  They were tiny.  And not really all that inspiring.  Greg had some crab dish -- but it was sweet.  And stuffed inside a weird sweet potato fruit roll up thingy.  Odd.  We both ordered fillet... the cuts were beautiful but they were both overcooked.  Boo.  Boo.  Boo.  The waiter even tried to convince us that it was the blue lights in the restaurant that made the steaks 'look' overcooked -- but we both still know they WERE overdone.  Dessert was a four pieced chocolate delight.  Yum.... And of course, the ambiance and location were great.

We finished the night at Dandelyan.  That was another adventure.  Unique to say the least... my drink really did taste like it had flowers inside it.  Loved the bar.  Think I'll order wine next time!

Regardless -- here's to our next 12 years.  :)

Half Term

I swear, just as my kids were settling back into the routine of school -- it was time for half term.  For some reason, the schools here think that giving the kids a one week break after only a 4.5 weeks back in school is a good idea.  The teachers claim they're tired.  Really?  Really?

So - I signed the kids up for two days of a small local camp.  We met up with a handful of school friends for a crazy morning at Gambados yesterday and tomorrow we've got friends coming over for a morning/lunch play date.

In addition to all that - we've celebrated #PancakeDay at Breakfast Club and had a trip to see the GP because Wren decided to have a wheezy breathing issue and Atticus has broken out in a weird rash.  Oh, and we've built new LEGO.  There's always LEGO.

We're debating getting away this weekend -- but with G's schedule, we never know what will happen.
I've also started taking a few photos of a guy I see in Clapham Common on my way home from the gym.  The first time I saw him, he was having an intense conversation with a tree.  Today, he had headphones on and was just dancing while looking at a different tree.  He seems to be enjoying himself though...