Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Father's Day

What a great day...

The kids and I prepared an exciting breakfast in bed for Greg.  Oatmeal, banana and coffee with Bailey's.  (The last one was my addition to the early morning breakfast!)

Then it was off to get Wren to her recital, pick up flowers for the ballerina, watch the performance, have a bit of a rest and then brunch!  Here's Greg and kids after stuffing our bellies!  We ended up at a local place called Chat19 that we'd never been to before.  We'll be back for sure!!


The school year is almost over here, which signals the end of ballet... (at least for the summer break).

Wren has really enjoyed doing ballet and tap this year Ballet Des Enfants.  This year was much more serious if you will and her teacher, Sarah, made sure the girls were learning all the proper vocabulary as well as form.  My only complaint is that the classes are only once a week!

This year's recital was themed Sleeping Beauty.  Wren's class dressed up as Fairy Godmothers.  The costumes were just beautiful.

Here she is all dolled up and getting ready for rehearsal.

Miss Sarah is putting the tiaras on the Fairy Godmothers...

     Post rehearsal with her friend Fiona.  Fiona wasn't ready to take off her "Roses" costume!

The official program and tickets.  

And one photo to show that I allowed Wren to wear sparkly eyeshadow and mascara for the performance.  She was over the moon with the sparkly eyes...

We also took some video, but I need to make sure that it's uploading correctly before trying it... I did put a poorly lit 25 second clip up on Facebook if you're interested.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Yankees v Tigers

Verlander is scheduled to pitch. 

Tigers are coming to Yankee Stadium.

Neighbor is selling 5 tickets for $100.


 That was pretty much the thought process for how we ended up at a last minute Yankees game.  I told Atticus he could invite a friend since we had an extra ticket, and away we went...

There was a direct train from our local station right to Yankee Stadium.  Awesome.  We hopped off the train and headed over.  

It was a hot and humid and literally a moment after we entered the stadium it started raining!  But, we waited it out a mere 5 minutes or so and were treated to a rainbow right over the field.... it was brighter but it took me a moment or two of watching kids to grab the phone for a picture!  See it there in the distance? 

We wiped off the seats and the game began.  There were buckets of burgers, more hotdogs than I can count, beers (adults of course) and a round of cotton candy too!  It was a fun night...

Enjoying the game.


Here are the tired and happy kids on the train ride home...

Monday, June 13, 2016

Heavy Heart

I wanted to post today about our fun weekend... but I don't have the words.

My heart is heavy with the loss of so many innocent lives.  Each one of the Orlando victims has a story.  They were loved.  They were somebody's someone.  They were innocent.  Read their NAMES and hear their stories...

We have to do better friends.

I don't want to take away your guns.

Do I want to make it difficult to attain one, yes.  I want you to show that you have the training to handle it.  I want to know that you've been cleared mentally.  That you know how to properly store it at your home.

These don't seem like crazy requests.

I understand that crazy people will do crazy things and that not all crazy people use guns.  But a lot of them do and if it were more difficult for one crazy to get their hands on an automatic weapon then I'd feel better knowing there was one less gun toting crazy out there. 

Mental illness needs to be addressed just as prominently as guns.  Sane people don't carry assault weapons into a club.

I wish I knew more about how to help.  For now, my most important job is to raise two kids to be amazing, kind, generous adults.  Adults who want to build longer tables instead of higher walls.  Adults who are the helpers.  One who's first to stand in line to donate blood to strangers.  A person that offer a kind glance, a hug, or anything else that's needed of someone in need.

Love will win.  I just hope I get to see it....

Friday, June 10, 2016

Tae Kwon Do

Atticus made the move this year to taekwondo.  He had taken some basics while in London, but this was our first time doing martial arts as a formal sport.  We have enjoyed learning from Master Cosmo and his staff at CMAC.

I think martial arts are the perfect outlet for him.  They provide consistency, discipline, exercise...

Yesterday, Atticus tested for his first color belt, orange.  The colors here are a bit different than what I recall from growing up - but perhaps its just a different faction of martial arts?  Eh... regardless, he tested and was promoted and all is good!

Doing some practice rounds before the test.

Breaking boards like a pro.


Here's Atticus with his friend Max just after the test.  Max has just tied on his yellow belt but Atticus hasn't tied on his orange yet... 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

One Kitty, Two Kitty, Three Kitty?

So, we've been talking for a while about expanding our family.  It's been several years since Peanut passed and it was time to find another furry friend.  I happened to be on our neighborhood message board when I saw a post about 3 kittens that were rescued from a nearby fire.  Two were solid black and one was black and white. 

I just wanted to go look at them.  That was the plan.  Maybe pick one.  One.

They were so tiny.  And adorable.  And one of the black ones looked like a wobbly sailor.  He couldn't quite stand or walk like his sisters, but he was going to be the lover of the group, you could just tell.  (More on him later...)

I came home with pictures and videos to show Greg and we all decided to go take a look that weekend.  The theory was still to get one, possibly two.  

And somehow we adopted all three.

Yes, THREE kittens. 

I think perhaps I have lost my mittens and not the silly kittens! 

So - introducing: Lollipop (Lolli) the all black female, Oreo the black and white female and Lux (Lucky) the all black male.  This is the three all together.  I'll get some single shots uploaded as well.  They are approximately 6 months old -- born sometime in December 2015. 

Lux has a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia.  It won't get better or worse, it just is what it is.  I would classify his condition as severe.  That said, we've gotten into a bit of a routine and he seems to be adapting quite well.  Next up on our agenda is to build him a specialized walker/sling/wheelchair to see if he likes it.  Right now, I just carry him around alot either by hand or in my old baby sling!  I'm sure we make quite a sight. 

Here's Lux enjoying some sunshine.  Since he can't run away - I took him for his first outdoor adventure today.  He wasn't quite sure what to make of it all and ended up sneezing for 10 minutes.  Perhaps his allergies are as bad as mine!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Walk Throughs..

This has been bothering me.  Because we were moving here from London, we were unable to do a proper walk through of the house before we were given keys and our stuff arrived.

There are several small things that are driving me nuts that I feel should have been fixed before we arrived.  The blinds covering 90% of the windows are in need of replacements.  Some of them were stuck together from a couple years of grime.  Not even half of the existing blinds have the little wand thing that allows you to open and close them.  And some of the windows were just missing blinds all together (namely two of the bathrooms!!).  We've gone to Home Depot and added blinds to the master bath (practically on day one).  I've just purchased some curtains for the office/spare room bathroom -- but I'm just annoyed.

The other major thing is that all of the pull chains on the ceiling fans are broken.  Missing.  For the master bedroom - it's not an issue, Greg always wants the fan on.  But for the living room - we can not turn on the light without turning on the ceiling fan.  The same is in Atticus's room.  It's all or nothing.  I find it obnoxious that we have to fix someone else's negligence.

Then - and this is small... none of the plugs in the sinks are attached.  I mean, it's not often that I wish to plug the sink - but if I wanted to do so, it would require me to do magic under the counter to then release the plug thing. 

In our lease it states that we are responsible for up to $250 I think of minor repairs.  Fine.  A bit strange, but whatever.  A bird flew into Wren's window shattering it.  I notified the landlord and was planning on calling a window company out to have it repaired or replaced.  The realtor who showed us the house wanted to see the damage so he stopped over.  He suggested that he get a piece of glass that is the same size and caulk it in to cover the damage.  Then, when it's warmer - we get the window replaced.  I suppose that's a decent suggestion?  But honestly, if it were my house, I'd rather just have it fixed??  So, he trudged off to the hardware store and then proceeding to caulk in a new piece of glass then hand me the receipt.  (Mind you he kept the gun, the caulk, the nails...)  Now I have to pay twice to get the window fixed.  It's just odd. 

But I'm really more worked up over the fans and the crappy blinds at the moment. 

Just rolling around in my thoughts driving me nuts....