Monday, July 25, 2016

Wren Goes Rock Climbing!

Atticus Reaches the Top!

Jump Jump!

This weekend, we went to a classmate's birthday party at Rockin Jump.

Wow.  Hot.  Sweaty.  Fun.

No pictures of blurry jumping children, but I did get some on the rockwall.  Atticus made it to the top to ring the bell!

Happy Birthday Atticus!

We opted not to throw Atticus a wild birthday party this year.  He's had two extravagant ones while in London and this year, we went more subdued.

That said, there was still plenty of fun starting with Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, a full day of camp, a tub of frozen yogurt, dinner with the family and of course presents!!!  Since there wasn't a big party - he instead got a LOT of big Lego!  I think it worked out well.

May your days be filled with sunshine and warmth.  May your smile bring comfort to those around you.  May your generous spirit never dampen.  You are inquisitive (still), a somewhat picky eater (what kid doesn't love cheeseburgers?), a lover of all things with wheels, sirens and buttons and your imagination continues to grow everyday.  I love your spunk, the freckles on your nose, the way you help others without being asked... I love you to the moon and back little man.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


From the first day of school here, Wren and Lily-May have been two peas in a pod.  They are only a day apart in age too!  They just clicked.  Lily-May is now preparing to move back to the UK and it's been hard on the girls...

To ease the separation -- and to avoid doing this at the end of the summer -- I ordered some "Best Friends" necklaces for the girls.

We went over last weekend to deliver the necklace to Lily-May.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Travel and Weddings

Well, we survived.  :)  Actually - the weekend went rather smoothly.  I'm glad we've held onto our Amex Platinum card as it grants us access to the Centurion Lounge at the major airports.  Life at the airport is much nicer when you can sip on a mimosa and enjoy eggs florentine before boarding your flight!  And... 500 mile upgrades to first go along way towards an enjoyable travel day too.  :)

However... our kids are now totally spoiled and would like to travel like this from now on.

Upon arrival we had an awesome visit with the Asay family including meeting Anna for the first time.  The kids were equally enamored with Anna and Murphy the dog.  Ha!  I think Laura won the kids over with her gigantic s'mores icebox cake and they'd now like to move to Cincinnati.  Well played Laura, well played!

The remainder of the weekend was filled with family in and around Lexington, KY.  The kids were thrilled to see Grandma Baden, Aunt Yvonne, Uncle Chuck and their cousins.  The rolling green hills of rural Kentucky truly are spectacular and I now want to go horseback riding.  Go figure!  Chuck and Jessica's wedding went off without a hitch and even the rain managed to stay at bay during the couple hours of the reception.

Saying goodbye to family is always hard for the kids, but I know they had fun....

                                             Working on some hidden pictures in the hotel.

                                                        Looking smart for the wedding.

                                                  Wren making a wish for the new couple.

                                                 Greg and his sister, Yvonne catching up.

                      Chuck and Jessica cutting the cake.  Fireworks themed for the 4th of July!

                                       Cousin Grace getting us started with some bubbles....

                                                        Birdie getting in on the action...

                                  Greg decided to have some bubble blowing adventures too!

                                              Post wedding in our Happy 4th of July outfit.

                                                Saying goodbye to our new cousin, Katie.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Father's Day

What a great day...

The kids and I prepared an exciting breakfast in bed for Greg.  Oatmeal, banana and coffee with Bailey's.  (The last one was my addition to the early morning breakfast!)

Then it was off to get Wren to her recital, pick up flowers for the ballerina, watch the performance, have a bit of a rest and then brunch!  Here's Greg and kids after stuffing our bellies!  We ended up at a local place called Chat19 that we'd never been to before.  We'll be back for sure!!