Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Emotional Weekend

For me, parenting is not particularly enjoyable.  I know there are highs and lows - blah blah - and while it's not really acceptable to say out loud, it's been a tough journey for me.  I love my children to the moon and back, but at the end of the day, I still don't enjoy parenting.  I see all the Facebook posts about how someone's child was the bestest and most amazing thing that ever happened in their lives and I think, hmmm.... that's just not me.  I love my children, but I'm not all googly eyed when discussing being a mom.

But - I still am ferociously protective and want nothing but the best for my kids.  It's weird.  I should probably see a therapist to discuss further...

So, I found out that Atticus was purposefully NOT invited to one of his "friends" birthday parties last Friday night.  My heart was crushed.  Atticus considers this boy to be a friend.  Atticus would never think to not invite him to our parties!  The silver lining is that we were in Boston and couldn't have gone anyways -- but just knowing that he wasn't invited was a blow to the chest.  I may not enjoy parenting, but I still want to shield him from the cruelty of the world and mean kids.  I know we can't always invite everyone to our parties, it's not practical, it's not the real world, it's not always financially optional -- but to exclude someone on purpose hurts.  It hurts when you're 9.  It hurts when you're 40+.

But the weekend continued...

We drove back to NY so that Atticus could race on the 12th in a qualifier race.  To qualify, Atticus needed to be in the top 30 finishers (out of 107 runners) or his team needed to be in the top 5.  Neither of those things happened.  Atticus had a good time of 15:51 in his 3k which put him in 77th place out of the 107 runners.  Tailwind B Team of 9-10y Boys came in 10th overall.  Tailwind did absolutely amazing as a whole.  45 out of the 49 athletes competing on the 12th qualified for the meet this weekend in Rhode Island.  Which meant that 4 kids didn't make it.  How absolutely gut wrenching.  This travel meet in Rhode Island was going to be Atticus's last hoorah with Tailwind.  He was looking forward to the camaraderie much more than the actual race -- but we just assumed that Atticus would qualify!   And then he didn't.

News came today that one of the other 9-10y boys can't make it this weekend to the race which has opened up a spot for Atticus.  He's going to be over the moon excited when I tell him after school.  I don't really have the time to be jetting off to Rhode Island at the moment - but it would have been crushing to not go.  Atticus is looking forward to swimming in a crappy hotel pool.  To having a team dinner.  To sleeping at a hotel.  To racing with his friends...

So, here's a toast to being a good parent -- and to Rhode Island.  I've never been to Rhode Island.  I suppose we can check that off the bucket list now...

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Treat Fairy

They're seriously still falling for this stunt?  

The night of Halloween, the kids leave a bag of candy out for the "treat fairy".  The naughty fairy visits overnight, eats the candy often leaving a huge mess... and then she feels terrible and gives the children a gift in exchange for the candy she's eaten.  

This year, the treat fairy left Atticus the Toilet Trouble game.  A horrid game where you spin the roll of toilet paper, and then flush the handle and hope you don't get sprayed in the face with water.  

While I wasn't looking, Atticus decided to build the game all on his own.  Somewhere along this process the flusher stopped flushing.  Not that I was going to complain, but since I'd just spent $18 on the thing at Target -- I kind of wanted it to work!

So, after trying two different sets of new batteries, I figured the thing was defective and off to Target I went this morning to exchange the game.

Now that I'm over getting yelled at by the random angry dude on Boston Post Rd -- I'm going to try and set up the new game before continuing on with my day!  

Here's to a working toilet.  Oy vey.

Road Rage

Wow.  I was just on the receiving end of my first bout of road rage.  I was returning home from Target where I had just exchanged our Toilet Trouble game (more on that later).  A fire truck was backing up and doing something in the middle of the road - and the firemen stopped me and another car so that the truck could do whatever it was doing.  During this time, the light for me turned red and then turned green for the oncoming traffic.  A man, I won't call him a gentleman, drove up within inches of my car, rolled down his window, began screaming at me and waving his arms.  I smiled and pointed at the firetruck blocking my way.  This did not amuse him and he continued screaming and laying on his horn.  I smiled.  I waited for the firetruck to move and I kept heading home, singing to the radio...

I hope someone pays him a random act of kindness because goodness knows he could use it.

Perspective people.

Where's My Timeturner?

I know I say this often - but holy moly, life is moving at the speed of light right now!

Let's see what's going on right now...

Organizing the upcoming author visit for grades 3-5 this Friday!
Arranging the pack and load of the storage unit.
Arranging the pack and load of the house.
Drafting a letter to the current landlord to see if he's okay with the proposal of subletting.
Figuring out upcoming track schedules.
Looking for new sports teams in MA.
Looking for a new orthodontist.
Looking for a new oncology team to monitor me.
Purging.  (Did I say that yet?)


Saturday, October 21, 2017


It's time to admit it.  Me (and by default - nearly all of my friends) are now adults.  There are a few things we need to be doing...

Create a Savings Account.  You should have a rainy day/emergency fund.  This is something we've been working on with the kids for a few years now.

Create a Monthly Budget.  It's nice to know where you're spending money, so that you can appropriately utilize the savings account (and keep saving perhaps) and maybe, just maybe, plan for a vacation or two!

Create a Will.  You have things.  Monetary things.  Sentimental things.  Children.... there needs to be some sort of record of what should happen to these things in unfortunate circumstances.

Let's get to it folks... people are depending on us.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I was given the opportunity to show my children that even people you know don't always do the right thing.  It sucks.

On Friday afternoon I arrived school to start setting up for Scare Fair.

2:07 I texted Greg a photo of a bike that was in the used sports good sale asking if we should get the bike for Wren.

2:15 I spoke with the Dad in charge of the bike sale and said I was interested in a bike.  He said great.

3:00 In anticipation of Greg's response, I wrote "SOLD BADEN" on the tag hanging from the handle bars.

3:10 Wren came over excited that she saw the SOLD sign on the bike.

3:59 Greg replied OK.

4:00 The kids and I had to go to Wren's taekwondo belt test.  I did NOT take the bike with me.  I figured that I had written my name and SOLD on the tag.  I just didn't think about it.

Saturday morning at 9:15 I arrived at school to do the heavy set up for Devilish Delights.  I walked through the sports good sale with my arms full of bake sale items and noticed the bike was missing.

I spoke with the Dad who looked a bit mortified and said he may have sold the bike to another mom.

We figured out who it was sold to and I went to talk to her.

I calmly explained that I had written our name and sold on the tag.  She looked me straight in the eye and first claimed that she actually bought a different bike.  She didn't.  Then she said that it didn't say my name on it.  It did.  Then she said that she'd already brought it home with her (totally my fault for not taking it at 4pm) and that it was hers?

Now I have to explain to Wren that her friend's mom took the bike I bought for her home and that she's not giving it back.  That sometimes, people don't do the right thing.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Apple Picking For The Win

On a whim, after seeing some photos from friends - I decided to take the kids apple picking.  I mean, who doesn't need 15 pounds of apples?  There are so many amazing farms within 30-45 minutes of our house, it seemed silly not to go.

The plan had us headed to Harvest Moon Orchard.  I knew the traffic would be a bit crazy, so we took the prior exit and used Waze to wiggle over.  And well, after following a line of cars, we ended up at Outhouse Orchard!  Eh - that worked out well too.

The map of the day said that we'd be picking Macintosh and Idared varieties.

The kids were smarter than me and both wore baseball caps for the day!  

He dropped the one he had been eating!

The highlight of the afternoon was using the 10 foot long apple picking stick!

Hayride?  Sure!  We were able to see more of the orchards this way.

Singing cowboy, Orville Davis was along for the hayrides.

I just did a quick google on Mr. Davis and it seems he's done a right plenty in his time here on earth.  Here's an article on him in the New York Times.

Now it's Monday morning and I'm staring at a huge bag of apples.  The kids each took an apple in for snack today and they each brought one for their teachers as well.  I've also spent about an hour peeling apples and tossed them into the crockpot with some sugar and cinnamon to simmer for the day.  Hopefully we'll all be having applesauce for dessert.  Tomorrow, I'll branch into apple cakes and apple muffins...